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Introduction of Research

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Natural Language Processing
Natural Languages are daily used languages for communications such as Japanese and English. In a variety of information media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, languages play very important role and are essential for human and social communication. Another important aspect of languages is that languages are means for thinking and reasoning. This may be the essence of language. Anyway languages is tightly related to our activity and lives.

The purpose of natural language processing is to make a computer understand and generate written /spoken languages creating intelligent machine and human interface.

Research theme
  • Anaphora Resolution
    For machine understanding of sentences, it is important to resolve the anaphora; i.e. finding the antecedent to which a pronoun refers.
  • Estimating Parts of Speech and Meanings of Unknown Words
    Methods for estimating parts of speech and meanings of unknown words that are not registered in a dictionary for robust machine processing of natural language.
  • Evaluating Abstract Qualification
    Evaluating abstracts of technical papers whether it describes enough the contents about a method and results only by surface information of sentences.